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Real Estate Expert Craig Summers Reveals How to Get the Highest Price for any House in

Posted by Craig Summers on April 5, 2012
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It’s only natural to want to sell your house for as much as it possibly can go for. As an experienced agent in the area, I’ve seen many houses go for both low and high prices. What makes the difference? In this article, we’ll go over several steps you can take to ensure your house goes for the highest price possible.

Tip #1 – Have Amazing Curb Appeal

Pay a disproportionate amount of time to your buyer’s first impression. Your front lawn and the front of your house will make a big impact on your buyer’s impression of the house.

If the outside is dirty, at the very least have the house power washed. If the paint is old to the point where it’s noticable, it’ll pay off to have the exterior repainted.

Tip #2 – Stage the Interior Like a Pro

Staging a house well is essential to a top dollar sale. You wouldn’t pay top dollar for damaged goods, any more than a buyer wouldn’t pay top dollar for a house that isn’t in tip top condition.

Make sure the walls, carpets, floors, tiles and even the ceiling are in great condition. Steam wash the carpets and repaint the walls if necessary.

Make any necessary repairs before showing the house. Scrape the tiles, grease up sqeaking hinges, replace rusted fixtures. Appliances such and refridgerators and microwaves should be cleaned inside and out.

Pay particular attention to the lighting and the scent. These both have a powerful subliminal impact on the buyer. The lighting in your house could be the difference between getting the sale and losing the sale.

Tip #3 – Have Great Marketing

One of the top reasons to work with an experienced real estate agent is because they bring great marketing skills to the table. They’ve sold dozens of homes already and know how to bring in buyers consistently.

There are many different ways to market a house. Often times they’re not exclusive. The more places you market your house, the quicker you’ll sell your house and the more you’ll get for your house.

Remember that none of the repairs or aesthetics matter at all if you don’t get buyers in to your house. Working with a qualified real estate agent will help you do just that.

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