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Real Estate Expert Craig Summers Reveals Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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Real Estate Expert Craig Summers Reveals Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate As someone who’s interested in investing in real estate, you’re likely someone who sees opportunity where others see a falling market. The reality is that a “bad” market means it’s the best time to invest. In this article, I’ll show you why now is the best time to invest in real estate. The old adage of any investment is to buy low and wait for it’s value to rise, then sell high. The real estate market is different from the stock market where when you buy a stock low you risk losing your money if the company sinks or doesn’t come back up. The reality is that real estate will always be in demand, because we’re not getting any more space and more and more people need places to live. Supply and demand dictates that over time, real estate must rise in prices. Right now is one of the best times in history to buy because housing prices are at a historic low. Not only that, we have more foreclosers today than ever in history. As an investor, this is a huge opportunity for you. People who can no longer afford their house still need a place to live. That means that the renter’s market is very active right now, because people are desperately looking for places to rent. In other words, housing prices are low and rent demand is high, plus the potential for your investments to go up is limitless. As an investor, what more could you hope for? If it wasn’t clear already, the best strategy in this market is likely to be the “buy and hold” strategy. There are very few investors who can make a living by flipping properties right now. One reason is that the market could fall faster than you’d make from your flip anyway. Another reason is that there simply isn’t a good buyer’s market for you to unload your properties. These are just some of the reasons why now is the best time to invest in real estate. Remember that windows of opportunity don’t often stay open for very long. It’s important to act while you’ve got the chance. There is a lot of free information available to you about buying, selling or investing in real estate. For complete information about the real estate market including current properties for sale, property values and more please visit the most complete website online dedicated to everything real estate at Please feel free to contact me with any of your real estate or mortgage related questions and I will be more than glad to answer your questions. Call me on my cell at 404 374 1620 or email me at For a FREE Weekly List of 3 Plus Bedroom Dallas Georgia Homes under $100,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link, fill out the form below or call 877 566 0511 Ext. 4010