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Real Estate Expert Craig Summers Talks About Mold- A Health Problem For Homeowners

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Real Estate Expert Craig Summers Talks About Mold- A Health Problem For Homeowners

When looking at homes you should make sure that you carefully check out all of the things that are visible to your eye. But what about the things that you might not be able to see clearly? Mold is one of these things.

Mold and mildew are continuous problems plaguing homeowners everywhere. The problem is that many people think that they do not have moisture in their homes. Many times it is in an out of the way location and left untreated can spread into an epidemic problem. The fact is that it takes a continuous presence of moisture to grow mold and mildew- it cannot grow where there is no moisture.

Molds produce tiny spores that float through the air and land on damp areas. They digest the moisture in order to grow and spread. There is no actual way to guarantee that your house will be 100 percent mold free, but the only way to control it is to control moisture.

But the effects are not just structural: mold can be dangerous to your health, especially in children and older adults. People with asthma and other breathing difficulties will typically experience problems before healthier adults start showing signs.

When you find a leak in your home you must take action immediately. Repairing the area within twenty four to no more than forty eight hours will help to prevent mold from growing. The infested areas should be thoroughly cleaned using either detergent and water or bleach and water.

Once the area is sufficiently scrubbed clean make sure to dry up all of the water. If material has been damaged then it should be replaced. If the cleanup appears to be too much for you to handle, do not hesitate to call a moisture remediation company. Leave the hard jobs to the experts.

Some of the most common area where mold is found is under carpet, under sinks, around shower frames, and in ceiling tiles. Make sure when you remove any damaged materials that you remove a little outside of the obvious infestation. There may be small traces of it that have not fully developed and you don’t want to have to go back and do it again.

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