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Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Looking at real estate moguls like Donald Trump, it’s easy to believe that only those with money can make money in the real estate investment world. Not true in this age of creative real estate financing. Even those with the most minimal amount available (or those unwilling to put too much down up front) can find the right type of financing for their investment needs so long as they have the right credit report and know where to scout out their options.
As with anything to do with the financial world, real estate financing starts with a peak at the investor’s credit report. This doesn’t mean pulling apart his or her financial portfolio, but rather checking into their payment history of the past seven to 10 years. On-time payments coupled with an appropriate amount of credit balances for their income equates to a positive impression for financial institutions. Common sense, right? While the widespread adage that only those who don’t need money are loaned it, most often what happens is that those who are careful with the money they do have are given the opportunity to be careful with a bank’s money as well.
From there it’s just finding the right type of financing for the real estate investment opportunities in that one finds most interesting and profitable. How? Communication.
The financing options available today require a keen knowledge of a plethora of choices, each as unique as the investor who requires it. The only way to know the most appropriate financing package for an investor’s needs is to know exactly what he or she is looking at becoming involved in, and then communicating that need to their financial institution. Rehabbing old homes in with the intent to resell them open up opportunities in community subsidies as well as low-interest second mortgages to cover the cost of rehabbing the property. Buying a multi-family building, on the other hand, can mean an entirely different set of financial options because of the potential income along with long-term gain from the interest rate involved.
New construction offers an even trickier set of guidelines. Builders rarely want to take out one lump-sum loan and pay interest for money that isn’t necessary yet. For instance, building a $200,000 home doesn’t require that much up front. Instead, a series of small loans are a better investment for the builder, as that means less interest paid over all. That’s a pain, though. To alleviate the problems with this kind of real estate financing, banks have developed a construction loan process that asks for one approval and pays the loan out over time so that the interest doesn’t compound before the money is needed. This provides a loan specific to the needs of the customer, while also securing a $200,000 loan for the bank.
Each real estate financing opportunity in will be unique to the financial institution as well as the financing needs of the investor. Finding a bank willing to work in a creative fashion to meet the investor’s individual needs is essential to a positive real estate investment opportunity.
Real estate investment involves so much more than just putting a few dollars into an account and watching it grow or subside with the day’s trends. It’s an exciting chance to build one’s financial portfolio that involves first and second mortgages, construction loans, government subsidies, and a good bit of forethought. Taking the time to learn about the options available will result in a higher-investment yield and a smoother transaction from beginning to end for all parties involved.
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