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Real Estate Guidance To Help Those Who Are In Need!!

Posted by Craig Summers on January 24, 2015
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My brother had an unfortunate health situation arise in his life. In doing my part to assist with this situation, I was advised by Medicaid we would have to sell one of the two Mobile Homes he owned. A family friend, Chad Davis, recommended Craig Summers of Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team. Chad told us how Craig had helped him purchase his current residence and sell an investment home he owned. Chad was extremely pleased with the service he received throughout both transactions. I reached out to Craig and he followed up with me setting an appointment to come see the home. Craig showed up and walked through the property with me. We spoke about our options and Craig was completely honest, advising us he was unsure exactly what the home would sell for. But, he told me to list it higher than he thought it would sell for to see if we could get any interest from buyers; and if we didn’t, we could reduce the price. I agreed and decided to list the home with his team. I listed my home with Craig on 12/13/14 and received a FULL PRICE CASH OFFER on 12/19/14. I was shocked. I never expected to get an offer that quickly and it was for the full list price! After getting the home under contract, I found out that the sale had to be approved by Medicaid, so Craig advised the buyer and they were fine with this. It took longer than expected to get Medicaid to approve the sell, but Craig kept the buyer informed and on board with the purchase of the home. After we got the Medicaid approval, we found out that the property we were selling had an addition put on it and the addition was over the property line of the other moblie home property my brother owned. I thought when I told Craig, this would be the end of the transaction. Craig advised me not to worry, because my brother owned both properties, I would simply have to have a surveyor come out and resurvey the property. He informed the buyer of this issue and assured him that we would address this issue as quickly as possible to be able to sell the mobile home to him, thus keeping the buyer on board with the purchase…..again! I contacted the surveyor and arranged for him to come out and resurvey the properties. After finding out the cost to do this I was worried, since the health situation had depleted my brother’s bank account. I advised Craig there simply was not enough money to pay for the survey. He again had a solution. He advised me to contact the surveyor and ask if they would allow us to pay for the survey from the proceeds we’d receive from closing. They agreed! Craig even told me he would arrange for the attorney to pay the surveyor on our behalf. We were on a tight deadline for the Medicaid approval to be processed and it took a little longer to get the survey completed than I’d hoped. However, Craig remained calm and told me once we got the survey completed, he would push the closing through as quickly as possible. I got him the survey on Monday 1/19/15 and he immediately sent it to the closing attorney and arranged our closing for 1/23/15. That was just in the nick of time! Craig was remarkable throughout this painstaking process. With each question/concern/issue I had, he knew how to guide me to the solution. On top of that, Craig’s amazing marketing plan got me a contract for the full price in just 6 short days on the market! I recommend anyone who wants to sell their home use Craig Summers with Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team! Robert Whitfield Acworth, GA For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.