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Real Estate Professional Craig Summers Gives Advice about What to Look For in Your Next Home

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Real Estate Professional Craig Summers Gives Advice about What to Look For in Your Next Home
When you are ready to look at homes there is a lot to consider. Since this will probably be your residence for a few years you want it to cover your basic needs and your perfect scenario all at the same time. This is when hiring a real estate professional will be essential. Since your agent is typically paid by the seller, it doesn’t cost you anything for their services.
Before you start looking, sit down with your agent and give them a list of what your home should have. This will not only give them a starting point, but eliminate wasting your time with homes you won’t like. Keep in mind when you are looking that one day you will probably want to move and your home will have to be desirable to others.
When you are being shown properties, make sure to pay attention to certain criteria, such as schools. Are they close by? What are their ratings with the state? This will be important to you and whomever you want to sell to in the future. Schools are always a high priority.
When entering a neighborhood, look at the entrance and the common areas, such as the pool and street lights. Are they being maintained? If not, that may be a sign of no homeowners association or one that does not take their responsibility seriously. Either way, that may be the green light for anyone who wants to abandon maintaining their property, which could affect your value, as well. Look closely at the other yards and see if they are taken care of. You don’t want your property value diminished because of lazy neighbors.
When you pull up to the home, is there curb appeal? You want to make sure that you like the outside of the home. Many people are so excited with the buying process that they overlook the fact that they will be driving up to this home for many years. Once the newness wears off, will you still love it? And always take into account your commute. Too long of a drive may make a home not so appealing.
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