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Relieving the stress of Looming Foreclosure

Posted by Craig Summers on June 4, 2011
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Due to a change in the rental housing market, I was faced with a short sale situation on an investment property. Being involved in the Real Estate industry allows me the opportunity to work with hundreds of real estate agents. That said, I choose Craig Summers to resolve my situation. His outstanding level of service is second to none! I choose Craig Summers’ team because he heard of my situation and called me to ask if he could help. Craig’s team definitely delivered on all their promises. They put my home under contract in 44 days. Craig’s Team got the bank to stop the foreclosure and accept the short sale offer in 28 days. Finally, Craig and his team got the deal closed in 36 days; even though, the buyer had financing issues.” -Tom Townsend Canton, GA For a FREE Weekly List of 3 Plus Bedroom Dallas Georgia Homes under $100,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.