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Sell Now? Should I Sell my Real Estate in ?

Posted by Craig Summers on October 18, 2014
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It seems that no matter where you look in the real estate investment game someone is saying it’s time to sell. The bubble is going to burst! The market is falling! With these doomsayers hitting every major magazine and newspaper across the country, what’s an investor supposed to think? Well, it depends on why you own your investment property in the first place.

Those who bought a house with the intent to own it for quite a while have little to fear. The housing market is similar to the stock market in that while there may be dips or flattening of the market, the long-term goal will continue to rise. Since housing prices have grown so quickly and the interest rate has risen of late, the rental market has increased as well, so even those who aren’t looking to live in their property are likely to find that their investment is secure. And as those renters work toward securing their own home, one can be pretty sure that they’ll be paying on time to keep their credit report sparkling clean. It’s best to work with cash when it comes to buying rental properties, though, so that when the right property comes up at the right price you can act fast without having to worry about where your money is going to come from.

If, on the other hand, you’re one of those investors who was hoping to make a quick cash turn around, you may be in for a bit of a shock. The real estate market is moving toward a buyer’s market, leaving those trying to sell a rehabbed house at a decent price for profit hanging. With the market flattening across the country, there’s little chance at a quick anything when it comes to home buying and selling. Those looking to unload a home in order to cash out their equity will be looking for the best deal they can get, and most likely will take their time in doing so. Buyers, on the other hand, will be hard-pressed to find a good investment opportunity that can be easily turned into cash in hand.

Of course, there’s the added concern of high-risk, adjustable rate mortgages. Now is definitely the time to look into getting rid of those dark horses, either by refinancing or selling the home outright. The trend is moving away from no-money down lending to the more secure loans available, and with Alan Greenspan jumping the interest rates, those caught in the ARM struggle will find considerably higher mortgage payments as the loan shifts. The money is better suited in other areas of investment, rather than lining the bank’s pockets. If refinancing into a fixed rate loan isn’t possible, at least look into refinancing into another ARM that will give you a little more time to figure out exactly what you want to do.

None of this really matters if you’re in a market that’s showing growth despite what the economists are saying. Every city has its own growth-slow down rate, and looking into where the growth is and investing there may well buy you a little more time with your money. Know the real estate market before listening to any talking heads about how you should handle your investments.

Overall, those who are into the real estate market for the long haul have little to fear. So long as they’re not looking into the mouth of a large balloon payment or significant rate hike at the end of an ARM, sitting still will be your best bet. Those who are looking for quick turn-arounds with minimal effort on their part are best making sure the market they’re involved in can support it. Otherwise, leave the speculating alone until the real estate market turns back around.

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