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The Best Chance of Selling Paulding County Homes

Posted by Craig Summers on April 8, 2011
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If you haven’t been following our posts, you may have missed the best chance to sell your home all year! The Paulding County Market has been creeping up since September of 2014, with only small decreases in December, caused by Christmas, and February caused by the snow. The chances of selling Paulding County homes jumped 15.2% from February to April. This month we see a slight decline of 2.1%, which is not that big, however, if the trend follows last year’s pattern, THE BEST CHANCES OF SELLING YOUR HOME MAY HAVE PASSED YOU BY!

The below is the May 2015 Market Absorption for Paulding County homes ranging from $125K-150K. This data will show you what we’re talking about.

Current number of homes on the market


Number of homes that failed to sell in the past 12 months


Number of homes that Sold in past 12 months


Total number of homes sold per month


Total Months worth of Inventory



Current number of homes on the market


Number of new inventory for this period


Total Inventory


Number of Homes that will sell



Number of Homes that will not sell



Average Sold Price during the last 12 months _$133,833.00

Here are the percentages over the last 12 months for Paulding County homes ranging from $125K-150K

% of Homes Months Days on
Month that will sell of Inventory Market
May 2014 76.4% 3.1 18
June 2014 74.4% 3.2 18
July 2014 69.4% 3.5 18
August 2014 65.3% 3.7 19
September 2014 61.1% 3.9 20
October 2014 62.4% 3.8 22
November 2014 65.4% 3.7 21
December 2014 63.5% 3.8 21
January 2015 66.9% 3.6 22
February 2015 65.9% 3.6 24
March 2015 71.3% 3.4 26
April 2015 81.1% 3 30
May 2015 79.0% 3.0 32

It is not a good plan to wait to sell in the Summer months! Note the stats from 2014 show that sales actually drop after May and don’t pick back up until October/November. Think about it, kids get out of school for the Summer and people go on vacation. Simply put, they are focused on activities other than home shopping.

Another reason it’s not good to wait until Summer to sell your home is shown by the months of inventory. The stats show the number of days on market has reached an average of 32 days, which is not a high number. However, it means the market is beginning to get overloaded with homes. If everyone waits until the Summer, the market is only going to become EXTREMELY OVERLOADED with homes! If you’ve been thinking of selling, you need to list it NOW to sell before the end of the Summer. If you wait, you could get caught in the overloaded market and your home could sit on the market for much longer than you anticipate and hinder your ability to move into another home.

We know the what it takes to go from “For Sale” to “SOLD.” We can help you make your home one of the homes that sells in the market average of around 20 days. So what is the secret? For that information, you’ll need to call me at 404 374 1620 or email me at

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