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The Top 5 Aesthetic Mistakes Sellers in Make when Selling Their Home, by Craig Summers, expert real estate agent.

Posted by Craig Summers on June 28, 2012
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The Top 5 Aesthetic Mistakes Sellers in Make when Selling Their Home, by Craig Summers, expert real estate agent.

Aesthetics play a huge part in a successful sale. A large part of a buyer’s decision to buy a house is based on emotions. Aesthetics have a powerful ability to affect emotions. In this article, we’ll go over some of the top aesthetic mistakes sellers in the area make, so you can avoid these mistakes and fetch a higher price for your house.

Mistake #1 – Poor Lighting

Lighting is crucial when showing your house to a buyer. A brightly lit house with natural light seems bright and inviting. A dark house seems dark and gloomy.

Open all the windows and pull back all the curtains. If the house is naturally poorly lit, get some extra lights in the house to help with the lighting.

Mistake #2 – Lack of Attention to Scent

The subtle taste of how your house smells has a big impact on the buyer. While it’s nice to have a faint, clean scent to the house, what should absolutely be avoided are any noticeable strange smells or odors.

The last thing a buyer wants is to inherit the seller’s odors. It could go a long way to use some soft air fresheners before showing the house.

Mistake #3 – Poor Exterior First Impression

The inside of your house is not the only place you should pay attention to. The exterior, including the paint and the front yard, both play an important factor in the buyer’s decision making process.

Remember, the exterior gives the buyer a first impression of the house.

Mistake #4 – Strange Colors

Perhaps you have a teenager who’s painted his walls orange. Perhaps pink appeals to you or matches with your paintings. However, for the buyer the colors may or may not suit them.

Why take the risk? Before showing your house, make sure all the walls are painted a neutral color.

Mistake #5 – Not Making Obvious Repairs

Spray WD-40 on any squeaking hinges. If any major utilities equipment isn’t working, have it fixed beforehand. If any of the kitchen cabinets or counter tops are chipped or look old, they should probably be replaced.

Tiles must be scraped of all grime. Often times it could even pay to replace old windows.

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