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The Top 5 Ambiance Mistakes Sellers in Make when Selling Their Home, by Craig Summers, expert real estate agent.

Posted by Craig Summers on November 2, 2013
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A sale will often depend upon the way it looks. Buying a home is often an emotional decision. The use of aesthetics has a powerful ability to affect the way in which you feel. This article covers a few of the biggest errors in terms of appearance that sellers in the area make, so you can avoid these mistakes and fetch a higher price for your house.

Lighting is crucial when showing your house to a buyer.

Mistake #1 – Poor Lighting Bright and inviting, a naturaly lit house with bright light seems to draw you in. Dark and gloomy,a dark house seems.

Make sure the windows are open and the curtains are pulled back. If the house is naturally poorly lit, get some extra lights in the house to help with the lighting.

2nd error – Neglecting Fragrance

The subtle scent of your home plays a large role in the purchaser’s attitude. While it’s nice to have a faint, clean scent to the house, what should absolutely be avoided are any noticeable strange smells or odors.

Aroma’s that remind the buyer of the current occupant are not welcome. Use of some air fresheners prior to showing the house can work wonders.

The inside of your house is not the only place you should pay attention to.

Mistake #3 – Poor Exterior First Impression The exterior, including the paint and the front yard, both play an important factor in the buyer’s decision making process.

Your buyer will get a first impression from viewing the exterior of your home.

Perhaps you have a teenager who’s painted his walls orange.

Mistake #4 – Strange Colors Pink may be your forte and it may look good with the paintings you own. But, for the individual shopper, the hues might or might not be appropriate.

Why chance it? Make sure all the walls are painted a neutral color,before showing your house.

Spray WD-40 on any squeaking hinges.

Mistake #5 – Not Making Obvious Repairs If you are having issues with major utilities be sure to have those problems resolved first. Replace any damaged or old kitchen cabinets and counters.

Tiles need to be completely cleaned of grime and dirt. Often times it could even pay to replace old windows.

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