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Utilizing a Home Inspector in Your Home Buying Process

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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Whenever you plan to buy a new home, people always say that you need to have it inspected. It is one way to have your interest protected. But what if you are buying a newly constructed home? Do you still need a home inspection for that?

A common misconception being circulated today is the notion that newly constructed homes do not need to be checked by an home inspector. After all, it is newly constructed and the builder has assured you during the walk-through that everything is in working order and that the house has been “passed off” by the local building department. But is it really as safe as they say?

Before you make any conclusions, it is important that you examine your facts first. You have to understand that time has seen the way home building companies are structured. After World War II, the building contractors employed a significant number of the total workforce on a housing tract. Today, it’s no longer like that. In fact, your nationally recognized and award-winning builder may just be no better than the local workforce and the supervision watching over them. This is because they are actually hiring sub-contractors to do the job for them. You can probably count the number of people in their payroll with one hand.

Now, this is not saying that you should stop trusting your building company as I’m sure they are only doing what they think is best. However, their best may not always be in your best, so while they still have their size and past reputation to fall back on, you, on the other hand, are completely at the mercy of the people swinging the hammers, pulling the cable, and the supervision in charge. How do you deal with something like that? Where can you get the reassurance you need that your house purchase is a good deal?

The answer, of course, lies in your home inspector.

Your home inspector is your advocate. Your hired set of eyes, the home inspector provides you with un-biased third party information on all the visible components that were not installed properly and may be defective.

Every house was new at one time. But just because it is new does not mean that there aren’t any faults present which a layman’s eyes may miss. The home inspector is specifically trained to spot these faults and any potential faults. He will help in pointing out the visible aspects of your house’s exterior that needs work or repairs. Those cracks in the foundation? That leaky faucet in the kitchen sink? Those stairways without handrails? The home inspector will take note of all this and bring it to your attention.

While inspecting, it is best if you accompany your home inspector as well. He is professional and he knows something about construction. So if you have any questions regarding your newly constructed home, ask away. He may not have all the answers but he can give you a general view of how things are at the moment, and from there, you can deduce where you stand in your home purchase.

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