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We bought a home double the size of our current home for only $2000 more than we paid for our current home 5 years ago!

Posted by Craig Summers on October 5, 2013
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My husband, Craig Summers, heads up Atlanta Northwest Realty’s Paulding & Polk Team; and because they offer FREE list of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with PRICES, ADDRESSES, & DESCRIPTIONS, he definitely has his eye on the Paulding County home market. He was telling me about all the amazing deals he was getting for his clients and I mentioned to him we should try to buy a new home. He said he wanted to stay in our current home because we had remodeled it and made it our own. However, after the birth of our second child, we both realized we had outgrown our current home. We agreed it was time to find a larger home. We reached out to his lender and she was immediately able to get us a preapproval letter. Although Craig is very busy with clients who want to buy and sell homes, he made the time to search for homes for us to see as well. Craig created a custom home search website to show us homes that fit our specific wants and needs. Using our custom home search website, Craig and I would pick homes we wanted to see in person. He would check all the homes to make sure they were still available for purchase and set an appointment to see them.Because we already had a home, we were very picky; we only physically looked at the homes we loved. We made several offers, but were out bid on some and two folks even decided not to sell their homes at all. I was getting frustrated, but Craig re-assured me these types of things happen every day in Real Estate. He advised me there were other homes and we’d keep looking until we found what we wanted. We finally found a HUD home that was double the size of our current home and priced really well. It had an unfinished basement that we could finish to give us the finished space we needed. Craig told me about the home and we went to see it. At first, neither of us really could get settled on the home. We both wanted a playroom for our children, but we wanted that room to be separate from Craig’s office space. Just like many of the other homes we’d seen with finished space, this home had the space; but, the room we intended to make the playroom would be right next to Craig’s office. We had dismissed the home and it went under contract with another buyer. However, after a few short weeks the home came up in our search again. We talked about it more and because the price was so great, we decided to make an offer and figure out how to make it work. The next morning, Craig told me he had figured out how to make the room set up work and I agreed; it was a great plan. Shortly after that, Craig emailed me at work to tell me our offer had been accepted.The home is a large split foyer with easy to care for vinyl siding, a formal dining room, a large living room, a HUGE master bath, an ENORMOUS garage, and an unfinished basement. The best things about our purchase are:1. HUD agreed to pay 3% of our closing costs 2. Craig got paid a commission that offset all but $150 of the closing costs we did have to pay.3. We only paid $2000 more for this home than we paid for our current home we bought 5 years ago.4. The home is double the size of our current home.5. We got largest amount of money HUD allows for repair escrow funds. 6. Craig set the closing date so our first house payment wouldn’t be due until 30 days later. If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent, my husband is the most amazing Real Estate Agent out there!! His team even offers a Buyers Advantage Program, which includes a Free Home Warranty, Free Owner’s Title Insurance, and a 12 month Sell for Free Guarantee; so if one of his buyer clients doesn’t like their home for any reason, his team will sell it for FREE! Amy Summers Dallas, GA For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.