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What is the best financing for Your house in ?

Posted by Craig Summers on January 8, 2016
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How do you find the best loan for your home in ? Where in do you find a good professional to work with? How do you get the best interest rate? This report will help to put your mind at ease as you get answers to finding the right financing for your new home.


What is the best financing for Your house in ?

There are many different home loans in available to fit almost any situation. I am often asked “What is the best financing available for me?

Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to this question, but that doesn’t mean the process has to be difficult either.

You will want to secure financing before you start searching for a home in . This way when you are ready to make an offer the seller will know you are a serious prospect for purchasing his house.

When you start looking for financing What you do is work with an expert at finding home loans. The professional you are looking for is a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker in works for you to help find the best loan to fit your financial situation.

The difference between going directly to a lender and working with a mortgage broker is that a mortgage broker has access to many different loan programs through many different lenders, so you will have more opportunities for finding the perfect loan for your new home with the lowest interest rates.

You will want to interview at least three different brokers before deciding on one to work with. Ask them specific questions regarding the loan programs they have for your situation.

You can ask them questions like:

What are the best loans you have for first time buyers in ?
How many points do you charge for the loan in ?
Why should I work with you instead of any other mortgage broker?
What is the best interest rate you can get for me?
What loan program/lender do you think would be best for me?

The broker will start the process by pulling your credit report and collecting a bunch of documentation from you including your last couple of years tax returns, your most recent pay stubs and bank account statements.

The only fee for starting the process is generally $15 to $25 for a credit report so they can view your current credit.

Your mortgage broker will give you a complete list of what is necessary before you come in for an appointment with them.

A good mortgage broker in will thoroughly answer all your questions and find the perfect loan for the house you are looking to buy.

After you meet with them they will be able to get you a pre-qualification letter that shows your debt to income ratio has been analyzed and that the broker is confident that they can get you a loan.

A pre-qualification is the step that comes before an actual approval. If you get pre-approval for a loan, it means you are ready to buy and the loan has actually gone to an underwriter and they are ready to get you the money for the loan as soon as you get an accepted offer for the home you want to purchase.

It is not necessary to get pre-approved in , but you will want to make sure you get pre-qualified before you start your home search, so that you know how much home you can afford. This way you will be able to make an offer right away if you find the perfect home for you.

The most important determining factor when choosing your loan is the interest rate and the points you will be paying on the loan.

Each point is simply 1% of the loan you will be getting. Generally you will be paying one point to the mortgage broker for getting you the loan. That is generally how the mortgage broker actually gets paid.

You can actually pay additional points to lower your interest rate. If you have cash on hand and are looking to lower you monthly payments and the overall interest you are paying on the loan you may want to have your mortgage broker run some different numbers for you so you can weigh the pros and cons.

It is important to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan before you start looking for a house. It is frustrating when the perfect house comes on the market, but someone else’s offer gets accepted because you didn’t have a pre-qualification letter.

If you are short on cash there are actually some 100% financing loans available so just because you don’t have a down payment doesn’t mean you cannot get into a house in . These are especially easy to get into if you are a first time buyer.

With today’s low interest rates you may want to get pre-qualified for a fixed-rate. Some lenders may charge a fee for this service, but others will not. The advantage of having a fixed-rate is that you will know very closely what your payments will be when making an offer on the property.

The downside is that interest rates may continue to fall and you may not be able to get the better interest rate if you have decided on a fixed rate.

Getting educated on the process before you jump into buying your home can help you with the loan process and put your mind at ease as you go out to buy your home.

Make sure you get all your questions answered before making a decision on your loan in and be sure to work with a mortgage broker you feel comfortable with.

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