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Your feelings Are Holding You Back

Posted by Craig Summers on January 1, 1970
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Yes…that’s what I said…your feelings are holding you back. If you listen to how you feel when it comes to getting what you want you will never get it, because you will never feel like doing what you need to do to have the life, business, relationships, money, etc that you want in life.Think about the things you really want in life. Most of the time the activities required to get those things aren’t all that complicated and candidly are pretty simple. Unfortunately, they are incredibly difficult to force ourselves to do. Here are some examples:I want to lose 20 pounds, but that means I need to get up at 5am instead of 6:30 so I can hit the gym before work…I don’t really feel like doing that.I want to make some extra money but that requires me to work an extra hour or two a day, or a Saturday …I don’t really feel like doing that.I want to start prospecting for business on a consistent basis so my business is predictable and successful…I don’t feel like doing that.I want to spend more QUALITY time with my wife and kids, but I am too tired when I get home from work. I just don’t have the energy because I eat terrible and never exercise and I don’t feel like doing that.I want to start eating healthier, but I don’t feel like doing that.I want to start saving a little bit more money for my future, but I love my $5 Lattes at Starbucks every morning and I don’t feel like giving that up.I want to start going to church and having a closer relationship with God, but I don’t feel like doing that on my Sunday mornings.Do you get it? The gap between what we want and what we currently have is typically not that wide. However in that gap lies your feelings and the only way you will ever get it is by FORCING yourself to do it even though you don’t feel like it.Here is the good news…if you will force yourself to do it, the first few seconds or minutes are typically the only really hard part. For example… the alarm goes off at 5am and all we feel like doing is hitting the snooze bar and going back to sleep…can you relate? But if we force ourselves to get out of bed and get past those first few seconds when our feet hit the floor that totally suck, we feel great that we are up and did it. But to get that good feeling we need to force ourselves to get through that feeling of “I don’t really want to” and just do it!!!Gang, I love you, but I don’t really care how you feel…I only care about what you want. And if you are really serious about getting what you want in life, you have to FORCE yourself to do it because you will never feel like it. Let’s face it…it won’t just happen…you have to get out and make it happen.Have a great week!!!!!! For a FREE List of 3 Plus Bedroom Paulding County Homes under $150,000 with prices, addresses, and descriptions click the link or fill out the form below.